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Alvaro Cardona-Hine's Fine Art Figure Paintings

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Alvaro Cardona-Hine's Original Acrylic Figure Paintings

The figure paintings of Cardona-Hine have almost as much range within this single category as all of his original acrylic painting does overall. He often paints several figures together with references to myth or to literature, and the female nude is another motif that he comes back to over and over. He uses distortion and exaggeration to attain his vision, and, of all his other work, his figures are probably the most expressionistic.

Some of the figure paintings are inspired by religious and spiritual figures: Moses, Buddha, and Christ, as well as literary and mythic figures: Circe,Euridice, Apollo; but in all of these, his interest is in capturing and expressing their most essential natures as he perceives them.

Sizes range from very small canvasses to very large ones.


NOTE: Especially for larger canvasses, the gallery is willing to remove the canvas (when possible) from the stretcher bars in order to ship the painting rolled inside a tube in order to save on rising shipping and packing charges. When this is done, the canvas is rolled around an inner tube and placed then within a larger one, either heavy duty cardboard or PVC pipes. The cost to you of getting the painting re-stretched by a framing shop saves considerably over what it would cost to ship a large, stretched painting. If available, the gallery will also ship the stretcher bars, further saving on the cost to re-stretch.