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The Arts of Alvaro Cardona-Hine

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Keeping Up
As you may have noticed, I have not been blogging much here. The reasons are many, but I want you to know that I AM blogging now on our gallery blog, so, if you wish to, you can go to our website, www.cardonahinegallery.com, click on the icon on the right that says Gallery Blog and […]

Sorry About the Silence…. We want all of our collectors and friends to know that we will be in Todos Santos, Mexico, from January 5 through April 1, 2009. The gallery will be closed beginning Jan. 4 and will reopen on April 2, 2009. We had a very busy summer and fall with many wonderful […]

Morrocan Paintings
Twenty years ago, we spent two weeks touring around Morocco. We were able to do this as a result of a car accident we had when we hit black ice and the car jet-lined down the road, ended up hitting the soft shoulder and turned over. Amazingly, neither of us was hurt. But the car […]

New Paintings
Two new paintings from the last six months: Below is an oil entitled Islam & Spain, celebrating Spain’s cultural history, enriched by Moorish influences still echoed in modern day Spain. The muted and lightly mottled coloring captures the mystery inherent in the Spanish world, what is hidden or secretive, as well as the profound connection […]

Two Poems
Two Poems by Alvaro Cardona-Hine from The Curvature of the Earth, a book of poems by poets Gene Frumkin and Alvaro Cardona-Hine, University of New Mexico Press, 2007. (The blog doesn’t permit the format of a poem, so I’ve used two slashes to indicate the end of a stanza.) A Woman in the Forest winters […]

Our Gallery’s 20th Anniversary
(Still Barbara writing for Alvaro): We don’t celebrate anniversaries much. In fact, we married on leap year day–Feb. 29–both so we wouldn’t have to do a yearly thing, but also to be sure we’d remember the day. But our gallery in Truchas, NM, will have been open for 20 years this coming May. It’s rather […]

Hello world!
Alvaro is not ready to commit himself to writing here as he is very occupied with writing an opera based on a play called “Flight” written by Mikhail Bulgakov. He has written both opera and chamber music before, some of which has been performed, but, so far, never an opera. It is no doubt quixotic […]