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I've never bought art before. How should I choose a piece? What should I look for?

Look at a lot of art. See what attracts you most. Do you prefer abstract to representational? Strong color or soft? Busy or quiet scenes? What kind of surfaces are you drawn to? So first look at your own likes and dislikes because a work of art becomes a companion once you've hung it in your home. It's a living thing almost, and you will form a real bond with it. So it has to please you. Pay no attention to fads or the art rep in a gallery who will praise the artists in his gallery as the next Picasso or Monet! Look inward and choose what gives you an emotional response you'll want to live with for years to come. 


How do I know something's worth the price they're asking?

You can only really know if there is a track record for that artist's art. Prices that have been earned over years are proof of the real value of a piece. The more art collectors who have bought work at that price, the more dependable the value of the art. And the price of art with real value will constantly and incrementally go up. Art is the one thing you can be happy about when its price goes up, because what you've purchased before will go up too! 


What is a giclee print?

It is a digitally produced reproduction of an original painting, printed in archival inks on fine art paper in limited editions. The artist titles, numbers and signs the print. At Cardona-Hine Art Gallery, we have 2 editions of one print in both small and medium sizes. Each of these editions is numbered up to 75 prints.


Why should I buy art?

A wall without art is an empty, even dead, space. A painting on a wall brings in an openness, a space in which to dream. It engages our imagination, our feelings, our minds. It creates a mood, an ambience. A painting will express and reflect who and what you are.

Some people buy art for investment; others for decor; others to impress people. We recommend buying out of passion for the art.


 Why do McCauley and Cardona-Hine sign their canvasses on the back?

Actually, this is quite common practive nowadays. In the case of our artists, they prefer that the painting surface remain perfectly itself. As Cardona-Hine says: the signature on the front is the worm of the ego crawling on the canvas. And McCauley likes the mystery of it. Like good wine, she says, if it's decanted and no one knows whether it's a great or a cheapo wine, then they really have to taste it. When people see one of our paintings in a collector's home, they have to decide for themselves whether they like or not, whether it's "good" or not. I like that! 


What if I buy something and don't like it when it gets here? 

Live with it for a week to see if your feelings change. Some paintings need time and contemplation. If you still don't like it, package it up in the material it came in and return it. Let us know via phone or email that it is coming back, but do get it back to us within the 15 day period that we allow. See our Policies page on how to return our art.