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The Arts of Barbara McCauley

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In early June, I went back to New Haven, to my alma mater, Albertus Magnus College, for our class 50th year reunion. Albertus was a liberal arts college for women only when I attended. Now it is co-ed and expanded in other directions as well. I had not been back, nor in touch with more […]

Next Step on Unnamed Winter Day
Okay. The painting was just too black and white. I liked the simplicity and the forms, the emptiness of the lower half and upper third, also the feeling of the day and weather. BUT too much of the same, so I added a dark green to the two forested mountains in the foreground. Here it […]

Back to Painting
I started my third mountain painting today, a wintry one, since we have been inundated with constant snow for about two weeks now. (If you would like to see the first two, visit our gallery blog–cardonahinegallery.wordpress.com.) So far it consists of different tones of greys and whites. Even so, it captures the feeling of the […]

Guilt, guilt, guilt
Well I have never claimed to be a good correspondent, but I guess I thought I might be better than this! I am, however, writing now pretty often on our gallery blog. To read of us, both Alvaro and me, the gallery, our work, news, et cetera, please go to www.cardonahinegallery.com and click on the […]

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL OF OUR PATRONS AND FRIENDS WITH VERY BEST WISHES FOR THE COMING NEW YEAR! This year, I’m afraid, we will not be sending out our regular Holiday card due to a lack of time and, I confess, also energy. In some ways, it’s been a rough year, mostly in terms of […]

Late Spring at 8,000 Feet
June 5, 2008. Imagine. When I awakened this morning, this was the view into our patio just outside the kitchen door. Humph! Except it was excellent to get the moisture. It meant I didn’t need to spend my time watering all the new planting I have been doing to beautify our yard. But it’s hard […]

New Figure Paintings
While in Mexico during the first 3 months of 2007, toward the end of that stay, I was having some problems with a landscape I was working on. (The time my husband and I stay in Mexico is a working vacation; we rent a lovely small home with a very large painting studio which we […]

20th Anniversary of our gallery….
In May, 1988, Alvaro Cardona-Hine and I opened our gallery here where we still live in Truchas, NM. Everyone thought we were nuts because Santa Fe and Taos, each about a one hour drive from Truchas in opposite directions, were the art centers of New Mexico. They thought we were nuts to begin with just […]

More New Work from Mexico, 2007: Mexican Beach
Every afternoon, after painting, I would walk about one block down a narrow dirt road lined with adobe walled gardens overhung with bougainvilleas of varying hues: pinks, deep red, white, yellow. Mourning doves perched on the electrical wires overhead and kept one round eye on my passage, accompanying me with their soft calls. Fabulous? You […]

New Work from Todos Santos, Mexico, 2007
Baja, Mexico, 41″ x 31″, Acrylic In the winter of 2007, my husband, Alvaro, and I spent three deliciously warm and green months in Todos Santos (All Saints), Baja, Mexico, about one hour north of Cabo San Lucas on the Pacific Ocean. We rented a house that friends built from the couple who had bought […]