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Cardona-Hine's New Work: Dream Cities

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Cardona-Hine's New Work

From mid-June through mid-October of this year, 2015, Alvaro painted a series he calls Dream Cities. Colorful, playful, joyful and beautiful, they are a testament to his talent and creativity, but perhaps even more to his perseverence and dedication to his art.

These past five or six years, he has been dealing with Parkinson's Disease as well as a few other not-so-fun ailments that cause great pain. In March of this year, he told Barbara that he didn't believe he would be able to paint much anymore. The tremor in his left hand--the one he uses to paint--didn't allow him to have the control he needed for detail.

And then in June he went into his studio and emerged hours later with a new, medium-sized, painting with plenty of detail. He had used his right hand for details and masking tape when he needed a straight edge. He also saved himself much labor by painting over older paintings that no longer interested him, hence no stretching of the canvas onto the bars, and no priming needing to be done. In some cases, he used parts of the old painting; in others he obliterated it.

By the end of August, he had about 30 new paintings and Barbara decided they needed to mount a show for them. Alvaro was about to turn 89 in October, so it seemed not only appropriate, but celebratory. So in late October they had two openings: the first an invitational to former collectors and the press, the second for the public. Both events were very well-attended and the paintings enthusiastically received.

We hope to mount all the paintings, both sold and available, on the next pages so that as much of the show as possible can be seen. We hope you enjoy them!

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