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Cardona-Hine's Isis Museum Egyptian Painting

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Cardona-Hine's Isis Museum Egyptian Painting
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The painting of Isis brought about the whole series of paintings based on the Isis Osiris myth.

The artist had unrolled an old canvas that he no longer liked and began painting over it. What he liked most were the raw edges of the canvas which reminded him of papyrus.

As he worked, a figure emerged in the center of the painting, a female with an elongated neck with her head turned in profile in a way that recalled Egyptian figures.

He recognized that she was a goddess and decided to pursue the idea not only with this painting but with ones that would reflect his vision of the agricultural/resurrection myth central to ancient Egypt.

He reread the myth and painted eight more pieces. Here is Isis.

Such paintings are gifts, so to speak, they do not come unless they do. In other words, the artist cannot force them into existence. They are truly the result of profound inspiration.

Because so few people have gotten to see these, we have decided to exhibit them here. The ones that are left, twelve in all out of fourteen, are for sale, but we will not sell them via the site. They are priced in a category that reflects their value. Anyone wishing to purchase would have to come to see the paintings in person. Contact the gallery to make a special appointment.

Cardona-Hine himself says: Isis is one of the important representatives of female cosmic power, along with the Virgin Mary and, in Asia, Kwannon. Our patriarchal world has long neglected the feminine, particularly in our various religions, a foolish loss to all of us in my opinion.

Isis measures 78 x 48.