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Cardona-Hine's Osiris Cristos Museum Egyptian Painting

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Cardona-Hine's Osiris Cristos Museum Egyptian Painting
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The image of Osiris Cristos is a continuation of my Egyptian paintings series, connecting, in a dream-like fashion, the dismembered and crucified male figures of two major, conjoining civilizations, however separated by centuries.

The scream one hears subliminally, but, as well as pain, it is the scream of a ruler.

A red shaft from above comes and touches the waters of the Nile. ACH

Beyond the story that inheres each of the paintings in this series is simply that: a painting that must stand on its own outside the tale. This is the wonder and depth of all these masterworks. While we recognize stories in all of them, we feel it in the way the painter expresses a childlike wonder and vivid emotion. We do not need to know the details of the myth to experience its terror and power.

Osiris Cristos measures 78 x 64.