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Cardona-Hine's Pantheon and Apotheosis Museum Egyptian Painting

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Cardona-Hine's Pantheon and Apotheosis Museum Egyptian Painting
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The artist describes the penultimate painting in the Egyptian paintings series:

Pantheon and Apotheosis sums up, within a sarcophagus, the cosmic meaning of a worldview that was concerned with survival through agriculture.

When Isis gathered all the body parts of her brother/husband, the only part missing was his penis. To engender Horus, their spirit son, they used a stick of wood, thus honoring vegetation. Horus is here represented as a bird above their heads. ACH

The complex simplicity of this, the eighth, painting in the Egyptian series, contains an overall shimmer that becomes the full light glowing on the surface in Horus, the painting that ends the series. Here, however, the shimmer breaks through from below, in the patterns from beneath and, then, from the surface back in. That, together with the artist's use of color creates a piece that moves, in and out, like an ocean.

The feeling in the presence of this piece is that of the sacred. Measures 86 x 76.